Little Sprouts Day School


2512-108 Rocky Ridge Rd, Vestavia Hills AL, 35243




Little Sprouts will give children the necessary skills to become lively and knowledgeable beings; as well as the basics in languages – Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and possibly other languages. Music will be taught to encourage and aid in better recognition of languages and educational skills.

At Little Sprouts, our philosophy is that it takes love, patience and a lot of nurturing to help a little seedling grow into a sprout and that little sprout into a strong, healthy sapling.

Our children are those little seedlings, sprouts and saplings. While one cannot force the seed to sprout before it is ready, at Little Sprouts we will give each child the tools they need to develop and grow at their own pace to become that strong, healthy sapling.

Little Sprouts understands that each child is different, that they learn at different paces and via different outlets from one another. Some children pick things up very quickly and others it takes a little longer. That’s what makes each child unique.

Our curriculum is a mixture of life skills, cognitive thinking and hands on tasks to aid each child as they progress in their education. While there may be times when it appears like nothing is happening, or no obvious improvement is taking place, do know that important processes are unfolding within each child and these learning and coping skills do not emerge overnight.

We will do everything we can to help and assist each child in our care to develop empathy and compassion for all living creatures, a love of learning and foremost a hunger and thirst for knowledge.

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